Harith Kores Vesar Drearth

There's power in the night. There's terror in the darkness.



* Class: Crossblooded Sorcerer

* Race: Gnome

* Height: 3’4

* Weight: 40 lbs.

* Hair: Garnet

* Eyes: Misty White

* Skin: Soft Blue

* Age: 48

* Likes: Fire, good books, strong liquor, a good tale among friends, and long walks on the beach.

* Dislikes: Those who prey on the innocent… especially in his city.

* Alignment: Neutral

* Patron: None

* Traits:


Harith Drearth
Practitioner For Hire

Lost Items Found
Paranormal Investigations
Reasonable Rate

NO Love Potions
Endless Purses Or
Other Entertainment

Harith thought himself as a jack of all trades. He offers his services to help better the city he loves, for a small fee.

Harith was orphaned at a young age, barely knowing his mother before she died. Harith lived by charm and was quickly adopted by a magician who started to train him. His new father taught Harith simple spells. Spells that he could use to entertain those around him. He learned quickly enough to bring in enough for food. On good nights he would earn enough to eat as well. When it was time for Harith to leave, he decided to help rather than to scam.

Most of Oppara considered Harith a fool at best. Still, he had enough saved to rent a place of his own. He was hired to do jobs anyone with sense even close to common would turn down. By the time people came to Harith with a job, tongues had learned to hold back information. Even though Harith would go blindly into these situations, Harith survived his first job. Then his second. He had a knack for surviving the most perilous situations, most of the time without realizing it. While not widely know for his services in Oppara, his name has reached a few ears to earn a small living for a few months.

His most recent job has brought him to Gurat. He misses his home, but hopes to be returning soon.

Harith Kores Vesar Drearth

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