Evil Inc.

Episode I— Strength in Numbers

Chapter 1

Gurat, a vast, walled citadel of religious fanatics, stands as the only bastion of civilization in the barren span between the Kelish Empire and the Kingdom of Taldor. After more than five centuries of warring, a peace between these two countries was brokered upon a weak armistice signed one hundred years ago.

Enlightened men such as the merchant Gavial Heatstone seek to strengthen that peace by promoting free trade and cultural exchange. The dwarf entrepreneur leads his famous caravan from Taldor to Qadira every year. One month ago, he and his business partners set out from Merciful Bay in southern Taldor and they have recently arrived at the end of the line— Gurat.

It is now time to make the return trip, but Gavial’s no fool. He knows that the way home is perilous at the best of times. He seeks to bolster his caravan’s size in the hopes of discouraging bandits. An offer is hastily spread through Gurat’s streets: If you seek safe passage to Taldor, speak with Gavial Heatstone.



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